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2018 29er Midwinters East (Miami, FL)
Please visit the regatta website for Notice of Race, online registration, etc. Also note that ZIM Sailing is offering 29er charter boats for this event; please visit their charter webpage for more details.

2018 29er Midwinters West (Coronado, CA)
Pleave visit the 29er Midwinters West regatta website where you can find the Notice of Race and online registration. This event is the second stop of the four regatta SCYYRA Hamlin Series that consists of the 2017 ABYC Halloween, 2017 ABYC Turkey Day, 2018 , which you can find more about at here.

2018 CISA Advanced Racing Clinic Deadline Approaching
The CISA Advanced Racing Clinic entry deadline is February 1!
To enter, visit the CISA website.

2018 29er Roadmap Announced
Thru the joint efforts of the Canadian and US Class Associations, one of the most exciting summer racing roadmaps ever has been organized.

The roadmap begins with the US National Championships in New Bedford, Massachusetts and then moves to Kingston, Ontario (Canada) where there will be a 4 day training camp, the Canadian Championships, a coaches clinic, a 29er demonstration day, and the 29er North American Championships!

July 20-23: 29er US National Championships (New Bedford, MA)
July 28-31: Training Camp (Kingston, ON)
August 1: Coaches Clinic (Kingston, ON)
August 3-6: Canadians (Kingston, ON)
August 8: 29er Demo Day (Kingston, ON)
August 13-17: 29er NA Champs/CORK International Regatta (Kingston, ON)

For 29er teams on the West Coast, we’re strongly encouraging attending the Gorge Skiff Regatta too; this is THE definitive high performance sailing venue - big breeze, low stress, big scenery, and fresh water.

July 13-15: Gorge Skiff Regatta (Cascade Locks, OR)

To support the US and Canadian teams on the West Coast that want to attend the eastern events, the US 29er Class Association has made arrangements for a 10 boat trailer to transport 29ers thru the entire circuit - with pick up points in Southern California, Northern California, and the Gorge.

Direct questions to US 29er Class Association President John Papadopoulos at (949) 466-0888 or jakp AT mindspring DOT com.

See July and August of the North American Racing Calendar.

2017 Open Orange Bowl Registration

The 2Niner Skiff Squad (Miami, FL) invites 29er sailors to come to the 2017 Open Orange Bowl Regatta - squad leader Phil Muller assures us all that the wind and water will be warm and the racing top notch. If you haven’t already done so, please register by clicking this link.

2017 29er Pacific Coast Championships

The 2017 29er Class Pacific Coast Championships Series concluded at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club Turkey Day Regatta. The series is scored using the results of a range of 29er events hosted along the US West Coast. The Maxam Family Perpetual Trophy is awarded to the top skipper and crew who, this year, are the brothers Peter and Jack Joslin of San Diego. Peter and Jack capped off their participation in the series by winning the Turkey Day Regatta.
Jack Joslin - 1st Crew, 1st Youth Crew
Sam Merson - 2nd Crew
Ian Brill - 3rd Crew
Kate Klempen - 1st Female Crew
Peter Joslin - 1st Skipper, 1st Youth Skipper
David Eastwood - 2nd Skipper
Pearce Mendoza - 3nd Skipper
Marley Mais - 1st Female Skipper

2018 29er Midwinters East
Now that the US 29er Class Association has concluded its efforts regarding the US Youth Worlds selection events (see below), we can now announce that the 2018 29er Midwinters East Regatta (aka MWE) will be held in Miami on March 16-18. The Notice of Race, which was slated to be published November 1, is being revised to include the language necessary for all US Sailing selection events. We will post the NOR here as soon as that work is completed. Without going into the details, the event will be virtually the same as it was in 2017 (schedule, number of races, etc.). Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact US 29er Class Association president John Papadopoulos at

2018 US Youth Worlds Selection Events Update
The US 29er Class Association worked tirelessly in support of improving the US Sailing selection events for the 2018 Youth Worlds so that they were more less intrusive to school schedules and more acccesible. In the end, US Sailing chose to stand by their choices. The Class Association, which owns and operates the Midwinters East regatta, will now focus on working with US Sailing to make it a successful selection event. We encourage any sailors without the resources to transport their own boat to these events to contact Zim Sailing - which recently stepped up to providing charter boats at both selection events.

2018 US Youth Worlds Selection Events
US Sailing has announced the selection events for the 2018 Youth Worlds and has chosen to use two events in March 2018, one in Texas March 2-4 and the other in Florida March 16-18 (See this link for details).

The US 29er Class Association recognizes that US Sailing’s choice of having an event in Texas, far from all 29er squads yet close in time to two critical 29er events (29er Midwinters East and 29er Midwinters West), poses a significant logistical and financial obstacles for many of our sailors.

The US 29er Class Association is committed to finding a better solution. Please check back to our website for updates.

2017 29er NA Championships
William and Sam Bonin bested a fleet of 32 teams at the 2017 29er NA Champs held in conjunction with the CORK International Regatta. For the overall results, please visit

29ers Invited to Cornish Hen Regatta
The 2017 Cornish Hen Regatta is September 9 and 10 at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club. Visit for more info.

2017 29er US Nationals
Congratulations to Seb Lardies and Scott McKenzie of New Zealand for placing first at the 2017 29er US National Championships. Alie Toppa and Jacob Rosenberg finished second overall and, as top US team, were crowned the US National Champions. For results, please visit the regatta website at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club.

29ers Invited to ABYC Memorial Day Regatta
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is inviting all 29ers to compete in this year's Memorial Day Regatta (May 27 & 28). This event will be a good opportunity to get some practice in at the site of the 2017 29er Worlds Championships later this summer. Please visit and register soon so that the organizers can more accurately plan for our one design class.

Gorge Skiff Regatta Registration and NOR online
The Gorge Skiff Regatta is this July 14-16.  As most seasoned 29er racers know,  sailing in the Gorge is a fundamental part of the complete 29er experience.  To help those that are interested in attending, DoubleWave will be transporting 29ers from California to the event and Phil Muller, 2Niner Squad leader, will be there supporting his squad and is welcoming additional sailors that wish to work with his squad at this event.

Please visit Colubmia Gorge Racing Association (CGRA) website to see the Notice of Race and to enter into this year's Gorge Skiff Regatta.

To learn more about transport, contact US 29er Class President John Papadopoulos at (949) 466-0888 or by email at jakp AT mindspring DOT com.

In the mean time, plesae register for the regatta!.

29er Midwinters West - Wrap Up

Racing concluded on Sunday March 26 with a day of medium winds under sunny skies. Eric Lyall and Edward Coleman from Britsh Columbia (photo above) - resoundingly won the day and the event with finishes of 1, 1, 2 in the final three races.

Click on the following awards photos for larger versions.  (L-R): Berta Puig and Charlotte Mack - top femal team, Ryan Eastwood and Sam Merson, Ripley Shelley and Severin Gramm, Ed Coleman (team mate Eric Lyall not present).  Jill Powell - Regatta Chair - to the right in each photo and Coronado Yacht Club Vice Commodore Dean Eckenroch to the left.

Results/Event Website:
Day 1 photos:
Day 2 photos:

Last, but not least, a photo of some of the race committee!

Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Announced

29er Midwinters West - Day 2
Four more races were completed today (bringing the total to 7) under occasionally very shifty winds. The scoreboard has shifted around a bit too with three teams distancing themselves from the rest of the fleet: "Locals" David Eastwood (Santa Barbara, CA) and Sam Merson (San Diego, CA) and Robert "Ripley" Shelley and Severin Gramm (Miami, FL) are tied for first place with 18 points, while yesterday's leaders, Eric Lyall and Edward Coleman (Vancouver, BC), are just one point behind.

Bella Casaretto and Ashton Borcherding (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) are the leading all female team.

Follow the event on Twitter at #29erMidwinters2017 where you'll find videos and more.

Click here for full results.

Big turnout at 29er Midwinters West!

Eric Lyall and Edward Coleman (Vancouver, BC) are at the top of the scoreboard after the first three races of the 2017 29er Midwinters West Regatta being hosted by Coronado Yacht Club (Coronado, CA).  The event typically draws about 30 teams but has exploded to 52 entries this year - reflecting the interest in the 29er World Championships being held in California this summer.  Looking back, it appears that this is the 3rd largest 29er regatta ever in the USA; #2 was the 2005 29er US Nationals/Pre-Worlds (58 boats) and #1 was the 2005 29er World Championships (78 boats) immediately following.  This year's event is also noteworthy for two additional reasons: nearly half of the entries are from outside the continental USA - bringing a distinctly international feel to the event, and that, yet again, this event is a qualifier for both USA and CAN teams looking to compete in the 2018 Youth World Sailing Championships.  Racing continues thru Sunday March 26th; keep pace with the results by clicking here and event photos by Christian Bonin by clicking

Ripley Shelley and Severin Gramm Win at Midwinters East!
Ripley Shelley and Severin Gramm (L-R below) bested a fleet of 19 teams sailing on Miami's Biscayne Bay at the March 17-19 29er Midwinters East Regatta. Bella Casaretto and Ashton Borcherding were the top female team (L-R below).  Full results are available here. Coach Richard Feeny has also shared his Google photo album of the event.

Update:  More photos, courtesy of Christian Bonin, from this event are available.
for Day 2 at and Day 3 at

2017 Youth Sailing World Championships to be held in Sanya, China
The complete press release from World Sailing is available here

US 29er Nationals Regatta Site Up
Please visit Alamitos Bay Yacht Club's website and click on the Regattas menu item to access the Notice of Race, online registration, and more.

Competitors wishing to bring their boats to the venue prior to the event should contact the organizers to determine early arrival procedures and restrictions.  We also encourage everyone to read the Notice of Race for the 29er Worlds, available at

Bella Casaretto & Ian MacDiarmid win 2016 Open-Orange Bowl

Miami served up a week of excellent skiff conditions during the 2016 Open Orange Bowl Regatta. The first two days held light to medium sea-breeze conditions where several teams mixed up and the leader board. Unsettled wind shifts and spotty pressure made for extreme gains and losses. Lake sailors Harry Melges IV (Lake Geneva, Wis.) and Finn Rowe (Lake Geneva, Wis.) led the fleet throughout the first day, but tricky upstream current left them with two OCS scores to end the first day. Equipment breakdowns and spotty pressure put teams like Marina Hutler (Brazil) and Nick Hardy (Concord, Mass.) and Taro Sochi (Fishers Island, NY) and Jack Fisher (Newport, RI) from top 3 at the top mark deep into the pack.

Consistency was key in Miami, the Joslin brothers (Jack and Peter) from Southern California consistently put together winning down winds, sailing deeper and faster than much of the pack. Local teams Ripley Shelley and Shane Riera (Miami, FL) kept it simple, minimizing tacks and finding pressure up the field.

Day three of the event kept the fleet onshore as dying gradient held back the sea-breeze. The forecast for the final day had everyone eager for the four races the RC held in 14-18 knots from the North East. Bella Casaretto (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and Ian MacDiarmid (Del Ray Beach, Fl) found a new gear and finished the regatta with a 1, 1, 1 , 4 to win the 2016 Open-Orange Bowl. For full results, please click here.  Report courtesy of Phil Muller, 2Niner Skiff Squad Leader.

29ers Invited to ABYC Jr. Invitational
Alamitos Bay Yacht Club is inviting 29er sailors to compete in the Winter Junior Invitational Regatta on January 21 and 22. Click here to view the Notice of Race for this event.

29er Pacific Championship Series Concludes
The 2016 29er Pacific Coast Championships is a 5 event series composed of the 29er Midwinters West, the Skiff Fest, Gorge Skiff Regatta, a San Francisco event that changes from time to time - this year it was the Totally Dinghyt Regatta, and the Turkey Day Regatta at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club. Each skipper and crew is scored individually across all events, with the sailors with the lowest points winning. The 2016 PCC Champions are Sam Merson (Crew) and Ryan Ratliffe (Skipper). Awards were also presented to the following:

1st Female Crew Sally Wilmot
1st Female Skipper Marley Mais
2nd Crew Ian Brill
2nd Skipper Neil Marcellini
3rd Crew Wells Drayton
3rd Skipper David Eastwood

Attended all events: Aitor Iriso, Eneko Iriso

Click here to download PDF of full results

2Niner Squad Warm Water Clinic #1

2NINER squad will host a pre-Orange Bowl Regatta Warm Water Clinic out of the US Sailing Center Miami on the dates of December 19-23, 2016 (Monday through Friday).

Join sailors from around the country to prepare for one of youth sailing’s largest and most competitive events of the year.

Warm Water Clinic # 1 will focus on equipment preparation, rig set-up and tuning; regatta specific meteorological and forecasting factors; advanced boat handling and technical movements. Hours will be spent on-shore reviewing video footage and on the water with advanced coaching of drills and practice races. Hours: 10am-4pm

US$375/sailor; price includes Clinic Tuition, Clinic Jersey, Water.

Email Phil Muller at or call him at 954.257.9495 for more information and sign up.

Please visit

Fall CORK Regatta
Eleven 29er teams raced at the Fall CORK Regatta (Kingston, ON). The winds on the first day were from the North (not the usual direction) and shifty; four races were completed.  No racing for the 29ers on Sunday as the wind just wouldn't settled in.

1st - Charles Savard & Louis Riel-Brockie
2nd - Aidan Chiu & Mark McCutcheon
3rd - Galen Richardson & Josh Yale

For full results, visit

Miami Based 2niner Squad Flying
Please visit to learn more about the Florida/Gulf Coast/Caribbean centric 29er 2Niner Skiff Squad led by Coach Phil Muller.

Open Orange Bowl Registration and NOR now Online
Please visit the Regatta Network page to read the NOR and enter the regatta.

Lyall and Woods win 29er NA Champs
Eric Lyall and Andrew Wood won over field of 29 teams across a total of 15 races. These two sailors are more normally found on opposing boats that compete hard against each other for the top CAN team.  For full official results visit the CORK website  To see a history of 29er NA Championships, please visit the "Our Champions" page (see permanent link to the right)

Skiff Squad Website
Learning to sail a 29er well is a challenging task, requiring professional coaching to get the most out of the sailors and the boat.  With only a few skiff coaches available across the US, it is crucial that 29er teams train together regularly and have regular coaching to monitor and adjust each team's training regimen appropriately.  These small groups of sailors and coach(es) are skiff squads.  Leading US Skiff Coach Willie McBride has created a website - - to introduce squads and training opportunities to the community.  The US 29er Class Association fully endorses the squad concept and recommends that all 29er racers visit the website to find (or help create) a squad appropriate for their needs.

CAN 9er Demo Day

Please come to the Canadian 9er classes 9er demo day on Aug 11 in Kingston, Ontario.  Opti, C420 and Radial sailors are especially welcome. To learn more, visit the event website

Louisa Nordstrom and Cate Mollerus win at Newport Regatta
Seven teams made an innaugural showing of the 29er at the Newport Regatta, held the weekend of July 9 & 10.  Catherine (aka Cate) Mollerus (Larchmont, NY) and Louisa Nordstrom (Florida), both new to the 29er, are pushing hard to get ready for the 29er Worlds this season in Medemblik, NED.  You may recognized Cate from her recent second place finish at the 2016 US Nationals where she sailed with Christopher Williford.  The 29ers were invited to the Newport Regatta as part of a growing support for high performance youth sailing in the region.  Click on the regatta link above for full results.

Ryan Ratliffe and Sam Merson win US 29er Nationals
Coming into the final day of the regatta, the team of Crhistopher Williford (Ft. Lauderdale) and Cate Mollerus (Larchmont, NY) had finished first in four of the seven race completed so far; holding a 4 point lead over the second place team of Ryan and Andrew Wood (Vancouver, BC).  Three other teams were within easy striking distance of the top spot.  However the weather forecast for the final day was grim and the morning started out that way - a north wind was blowing against the normal sea breeze - which means that the wind would die out in the convergence zone across the bay.  And it did.  The race committee initially postponed the fleet ashore and then called the fleet out to the race area to be ready when the sea breeze would break thru.  And when it did, the fleet was provided with some of the best racing conditions seen the whole regatta, allowing for the remaining 4 races to be compelted. The team of Ryan Ratliffe and Sam Merson (San Diego, CA) "won the day" with finishes of 2, 1, 1, and 3 - against Christopher and Catherine's 1, 6, 6, 2 - to win the 2016 US 29er National Championships.  For final results, please click here.

(L-R: Sam Merson, Ryan Ratliffe)

(L-R: Prize Winners, John Papadopoulos, PRO Michael Levesque)

US 29er Nationals Racing Underway
35 teams are competing at the US 29er National Championships this week in Newport, Rhode Island - hosted by Sail Newport.  The regatta has a very international flavor with teams representing Canada, Bermuda, Virgin Islands, Antigua, New Zealand, and the USA.  Racing results are being published online at the event website

Falmouth 29er Regatta Open for Registration
29er sailors are invited to attend the brand new 29er regatta being hosted by Falmouth Yacht Club this August 3 and 4.  For the Notice of Race, please visit

Come try out the 29er at the Canadian Demo Day
The Canadian 9er classes are offering young sailors the chance to demo a skiff on August 11, 2016 – the day before Opti CORK - at Kingston Harbour (Kingston, ON). Click here for more details.

2016 Gorge Skiff Regatta Registration
The Gorge Skiff Regatta is July 15-17. Please register at the event website

Zim Announces Summer 29er Charter Boat Offerings
Zim Sailing (Warren, RI) is offering a variety of options on chartering a 29er for the coming season in New England. Please click on this link or the image to download their flyer.

Brill and Brill win 2016 29er Midwinters West
Max Brill (San Diego), reigning US 29er National Champion, and his brother Ian (San Diego) put together an excellent series of races - their worst score was a third place - to win the 2016 29er Midwinters Regatta at Coronado Yacht Club (Coronado, California). The three day event included 12 races that were sailed in winds ranging from 9 knots to mid teeens. The 27 teams that raced icame from near and far: British Columbia, Oregon, California, Florida, and the US Virgin Islands.  Full results are available at this link.

2016 US 29er Nationals Registration Open
Online registration for the US 29er National Championships is now open at Regatta Network (

2016 Summer Roadmap for West Coast Teams
The following series of summer events are recommended for US West Coast 29er teams.  Boat transportation from California to Rhode Island, to Cascade Locks, and then back to California is available thru DoubleWave.  British Columbia 29er sailors are encouraged to attend the ODP Training Camp and Gorge Skiff Regatta at Cascade Locks, OR.

June 24-26 - ODP Training Camp (Sail Newport)
June 27-30 - 29er Nationals (Sail Newport)
July 11-13 - ODP Training Camp (Cascade Locks, OR)
July 15-17 - Gorge Skiff Regatta  (Cascade Locks, OR)
August 5-9 - US Sailing Youth Championships - by resume (Coronado, CA)

2016 Summer Roadmap for East Coast Teams
The following summer events are recommended for all US East Coast 29er teams.  Eastern Canadian teams are encouraged to attend the US 29er Nationals, Sail Newport, and Falmouth 29er Regattas. Contact ZIM Sailing regarding charter boats for East Coast events.

June 4-5 - ODP All-Girls Skiff Camp - by resume/invitation (Newport, RI)
June 16-19 - Brooke E Gonzalez Advanced Racing Clinic - by resume (Sail Newport)
June 24-26 - ODP Training Camp (Sail Newport)
June 27-30 - 29er Nationals (Sail Newport)
July 8-10 - Sail Newport Regatta (Sail Newport)
July 14 - Junior Olympics @ Niantic Bay Yacht Club (Niantic, CT)
August 4-5 - Falmouth 29er Regatta (Falmouth, MA)
August 5-9 - US Sailing Youth Championships (Coronado, CA) (optional)
August 14-18 - 29er North Americans at CORK (Kingston, ONT CAN)

2016 Midwinters West Online
Click on the following links for the 2016 29er Midwinters West Regatta (Coronado Yacht Club) Notice of Race and Online Entry Form.  Charter boats are available thru DoubleWave; contact John at (949) 466-0888 or for details.

2016 ODP 29er Master Calendar Posted
Click on this link to see the 29er related events on the 2016 ODP Master Calendar.

The ODP and the US 29er Class Association have been working together all season to create opportunities to accelerate 29er team skills - mostly thru training camps but occasionally thru more directed efforts such as supporting select teams at International competitions. All 29er sailors are encouraged to look at the ODP program closely - we feel it has something to offer to most 29er teams. Click here to visit the ODP website.

For more reports, visit the Archives!

Where are the 29ers in North America?
We want to catalog all the 29ers in North America so we can help get them out on the water or help find them a new home where they will be used.  Please take a look at our list and see if your boat (or any other boat you know of) is listed.  If not, please consider sending details (boat #, location, owner, whether it is actively used or not, contact information, etc.) US 29er Class President John Papadopoulos at jakp AT mindspring DOT com. The list of boats can be found by clicking the29ers in North America located to the right.

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