• 2005 US National Championship
  • The Action has begun in San Francisco Bay. Here is the first report received from Skiff great and Designer of the 29er Julian Bethwaite.
  • Practice
    There are 60 boats lined up for the Nats, on the water just to the east of Alcatraz and South West of the Berkely Circle. Yesterday was practice races and registration, 60 boats have registered for the Nationals, and 48 fronted the starter in race one, it was blowing 20-22knts bit of sea but nothing extreme. Early leaders where the Canadians but in the end it was string of Australians and Argentineans that filled all the places.

    USA coach Ben Glass runs practice on the city front before teams sailed to Treasure Island.

    The USA shone in the second race, with a out of the blocks performance by Tyler and Bora, they again chose not to finish due to complications with the gate and again the AUS/ARG came in the major places, with the FINs and other USA boats rounding it out.

    Great rides, everyone had a good time and they are all abuzz for today start of the "real thing". All 60 boats will start together, top 25 will progress tomorrow to the Gold Fleet with no carry over points so today's game is just to make the cut and then "Game On".

  • Day 1
    A wonderful day for the first day of the US nationals, 64 boats fronted the starter in what was to turn out to be a memorable 4 races. The fog burnt of very quickly so wind was simply going to happen and happen it did, started at about 14 knts and just steadily build to 22-24 knts when we call it a day in which time we had 4 memorable races. Waves also got up and boat where launching upwind as well as down, don't think anyone survived the day without a swim but that just added to the fun.

    The fleet just after a start

    At the end of the day, the Australian team of Scott Babbage and Dave O'Connor lead with the local boys John Heineken and Matt Noble only 4 points adrift. Then came the Canadians Argentines and more Americans. Other teams to impress where the South Africans and the Fins, Danes and coming far further back than they would expect to where the English. Tomorrow shows all the signs of more of the same for the finals then its off to St Francis 3mn up the bay for the worlds starting on the 4th.

    Evolution shows us what can happen when you run into a wave.

  • Day 1, by Dave Bernal
    With the winds and chop making havoc on Day 1, the RC decided to start the Silver fleet first in the lighter air (14 knots) while the Gold fleet stayed on shore. It took 2 general recalls to get the Silver fleet to figure out the ebb tide. The morning racing was perfect, small chop and good breeze. The wind stay steady up until about 2 pm, then it built to about 20 knots. The top 20 teams raced strongly throughout the 4 race series. AUS 863 had a very good day with a 1,1,2,1 finish. Top USA team Biehl/Maxam was right there with only 4 point out of first place in Silver.
    Silver fleet start, this is before it really got crankin'.

    The Gold fleet came out to the course about 12:30 pm. Racing was competitive among the top 10 teams, close round markings and finishes. As the wind built, the chop was at times the deciding factor in placement. The teams that could figure out the gibe had a strong advantage in keeping their lead. At the end of the day, everyone had a smile. This was pure skiff racing. Americans Ty Reed and Bora Gulari finished 2nd while Jen Morgan and Anthony Boscolo followed not far behind. The top Canadian team of Stephan Waldie and Louie Bougie-Bastien just beat out fellow teammates. Four USA teams and three CAN teams in the Gold fleet is great. They guys will be good to watch at the Worlds!

    Top Five Teams, minus Jen Morgan and Anthony Boscolo, who were sailing their boat back to St. Francis.

    View the final results.