Subscribing To This Calendar:

iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
1) Tap and hold your finger on this link
2) A menu will pop up - tap the "Copy" option
3) Tap the "Settings" icon for your device
4) Tap the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" icon
5) Tap "Add Account"
6) Tap "Other" (located at the bottom of the list)
7) Tap "Add Subscribed Calendar"
8) Tap the area to the right of "Server" and then tap the "Paste" pop-up that should occur.  The data you copied should have pasted into the entry window.
9) Tap "Next", located in the upper right corner of the screen
10) The device will verify connection to the online calendar adn will report the name of the server, the description of the calendar, and more.  You can edit the Description if you wish.
11) Tap "Save"

Windows Outlook 2007
Follow the directions in this PDF.

Apple Mac (OSX) Calander
Follow the directions in this PDF and then click this link as instructed.  Remember to create a new calendar - DO NOT add the 29er NA Master Calendar to an existing calendar on your computer.  Note that once you've subscribed your Mac to this calendar, you can share it with all your other iOS devices via the Apple iCloud.