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Date Description
7/22/2019 WANTED: 29er Main Sail (New Hampshire, USA)

I'm looking for a (gently) used 29er main sail as my old practice sail is reaching the end of it's life.

Contact Loring lcatlinjr AT aol DOT com

7/19/2019 FOR SALE: 29er #2293 (Vancouver, BC)

Eric Lyall and Andrew Moreno sailed this boat to wins at:
1st 29er North Americans 2016, 2018, 2019
1st US 29er Nationals 2018
1st 29er Midwinters West 2017
... and much more!

Boat has never leaked. Air typically shoots out of the plug after getting off the water.
Boat is about a kilo underweight at 73 kilos.
New mast in 2017
New rudder stock in 2018
New foils in 2015
Stored indoors during winters

Eric and Andrew are retired from 29er sailing - time to sell the boat.

2 sets of sails. 3 spinnakers.
The first set is for international/ world championships. The second set can be used for local regattas.
Top cover
Metal dolly that can be attached to a trailer.
Bluewave turnbuckles. These are better than the Ronstan turnbuckles, which require a wrench to adjust.
And pretty much everything else you can think of that would come with a high-level skiff. This includes fantastic rigging, carbon fibre tiller extensions, a compass bracket, modifications to the centerboard carpet and rigging, and so many spare parts that I can't list them all.


Depending on the timing/location, we can deliver the boat to you. It's possible we could bring it across the continent.

Contact Eric at ericlyall1428@gmail.com

INSERT DATE FOR SALE: 1999 29er #198(New Canaan, CT)

This boat hasn't seen too much use and is in pretty great shape for its age.
Everything needed to sail it and rig it is included.
Mainsail shows its age, however still works perfectly fine and has a good shape to it when the sail controls are set right.
The jib looks to be in a little bit better shape than the main and has no issues except for one broken clip on the luff at the bottom, can easily be taped or replaced.
The spinnaker is also in good shape and is pretty crispy for its age.
The carbon bow sprit is in great condition, no cracking or delamination.
Since the boat hasn't been sailed that much, the hull is in great shape, with no major cracks or chips in the fiberglass and the gel coat is still smooth and waxed.
The mast has a new carbon top section
All stays and halyards are in great shape and are not stretched out or fraying.
Aluminum centerboard and rudder only with minor scratches.
North Sails boat cover included
No trailer included.
Please feel free to contact me for any questions or more detailed pictures.

Contact Ethan at ethanhall100 AT gmail DOT com or text me (646-919-5665)

7/4/2019 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #821 (San Francisco, CA Area)

1 Practice Jib, 1 Race Jib
1 Practice Main, 1 Race Main
1 Practice Spin (Red), 2 Race Spin (Neon Green, Light Blue)
*Race Main, jib, and neon green spin used in 3 regattas, Light blue used in 1
Turnbuckle Shrouds
Top and bottom boat covers

Trailer (Sold separately)
1-7/8" trailer hitch
Compartment for all gear/rigging
Straps and locks
Mast cradle

Contact Connell Phillipps at (415) 755-7046 or cmphillipps73 AT gmail DOT com

6/19/2019 FOR SALE: 2000 PS2000 29er #302 (Montreal, Quebec)

Ready for racing
Blue hull
Aluminum dolly
Main, jib, spinnaker sails
Boat cover
Foil bag
Many new lines

Contact Sue at s_olivier AT me DOT com or (203) 856-3527

5/29/2019 WANTED: Training sails for 29er (Near San Francisco, CA)

Putting together an almost-there 29er for a couple of teens. Need to source some decent shape used sails.
Contact Greg at svkahoots AT gmail DOT com

5/1/2019 FOR SALE: 2016 Ovington 29er #2690 (Montreal, QC)

This boat has the new integrated fiberglass toe/grab rails as well as the double scupper transom. The best of both worlds! We purchased it in the summer of 2017, where we sailed on the west coast and raced in the 2017 29er Worlds in Long Beach, California. It has about 3 months of use as we have been competing and training outside of home. Needless to say, this boat is race ready.

1x main sail (2017)
1x jib (2016)
1x spinnaker (2017)

Ronstan turnbuckle shrouds
Original chain plate shrouds
Adjustable forestay
GRP (aka fiberglass) Rudder and Daggerboard
Mast (2017)
Boom (2017)
Full set of sheets
Full set of controls
Top/Deck Cover
SLO TopGun Envelope/Clam Cover for traveling/storage (2018)
SLO Mast Cover (2018)
Foil Bag
Dynamic modular dolly

CAN$13,500 open to negotiation

We also have 2015 Ovington 29er #2475 and many extra parts for sale.

Contact Zoe at (514) 717-2140 or CAN29erpartsforsale AT gmail DOT com

3/5/2019 FOR SALE: 29er #526 (St Petersburg Sailing Center, FL)

Full race and practice sets of sails
New Mast
Travel Trailer with Storage and Dolly
US$8000 for total package, US$5500 w/o Trailer. US$3500 Trailer w/o 29er.

Contact Bill or Sally McCarthy mccarthys.fl AT gmail DOT com or (727) 744-0809

1/6/2018 FOR SALE: 2006 PS2000 29er #1102 (Montreal, Quebec)

Race ready
Meticulously maintained
Always stored inside or in Miami during the winter
One set of racing sails - includes a jib that has been only used once
One set of training sails
GRP centerboard and rudder
Aluminum centerboard and rudder
Mast up top cover
All lines spliced
BlueWave turnbuckle shrouds
Standard shrouds
Adjustable turnbuckle style forestay
Fixed length forestay
More info and pictures on request


Contact Thomas at tharries618 AT gmail DOT com

12/3/2018 FOR SALE: 2000 PS2000 29er #526 (San Diego, CA)

Newly rigged with Dyneema lines
New trapeze wires and handles
x2 Main sail (one racing condition, one practice)
x2 Jib (one racing condition, one practice)
x1 Spinnaker (barely used)
Brand new spinnaker sock
Classic aluminum foils
2 Tiller extensions
New Poly cover
New Diamond Traction Padding
Zhik T2 Harness (like new)

US$2900 or best offer

Contact Bruce at (619) 384-7740

9/28/2018 FOR SALE: Ovington 29er #2592 (Toronto, ON)

This is an event boat from the 2016 Youth Worlds. It is the "new deck" version which introduced the integrated fiberglass toe/grab rails but retained the double scupper transom. We purchased it in the spring of 2017 and sailed it for two seasons. This is a winning boat that has been upgraded with the best racing components, custom splicing (Galen Richardson Rigging). It has been well maintained and is in top notch racing condition.

2017 Canada Summer Games - Second Place
2017 Canadian Youth Champs - First Place
2018 US Nationals - Second Place
2018 Canadian Nationals - First Place
2018 North American Champs - Second Place

2 Main Sails (2018 race sail, 2018 training)
2 Jibs (2018 race sail, 2018 training)v 3 Spinnakers (2018 never used, 2018 race sail, 2018 training)

Ronstan turnbuckle shrouds
Adjustable forestay
All control lines/halyards have been custom spliced for optimal performance (material, length and function)
GRP (aka fiberglass) Rudder and Daggerboard
2 Carbon Fiber Tiller Extensions

Galvanized Ovington Steel Trolly
Top/Deck Cover
SLO TopGun Envelope/Clam Cover for traveling/storage (2018)
Foil Bag
Mast Cover (2018)
Tactic Compass and Mount
Rig Bag and Tool Box with full set of spare sheets, halyards, blocks and extra shrouds (original chain plates)


Contact Galen at wellrichg AT rogers DOT com or (647) 622-9654

9/22/2018 FOR SALE: 2007 PS2000 29er #1421 (Richmond, CA)

2 main sails, jibs, and spinnakers - in good condition
Main sails and jibs recently serviced (zippers, clips, boltrope etc)
Sail bags
Rudder and dagger board, foil bag
Located at Richmond Yacht Club

Contact Damian Damian AT colm DOT com or (510) 590-1012

9/12/2018 FOR SALE: 2017 Ovington 29er #2666 (Montreal, Quebec)

This was a charter boat from the 2017 Worlds in Long Beach. We purchased it January 2018 and sailed it at three more regattas: 2017 Open Orange Bowl, 2018 Canada World Junior trials, 2018 Toronto Icebreaker
1 training grade jib
1 never used jib
1 racing main
1 new spinnaker
1 Set of foils with foil bag
1 Aluminum tiller extension
ZIM top cover
SLO Marine envelope cover for trailering
Galvanized dolly
Dyform standing rigging
BlueWave turnbuckle shrouds
All sheets are spliced and race ready
Many custom systems already rigged on boat
More pictures available upon request


Contact Julien at juju.berger.l AT gmail.com or (514) 757-1441 or David at david.berger AT me DOT com

9/8/2018 2015 Ovington 29er #2476 (Montreal, Quebec)

Perfect for anyone looking for a race ready, stiff and dry boat to learn or compete with. This boat is a proven race winner coming 2nd at 29er North Americans, 4th at US Nationals, 2nd at Canadian Championships, 3rd at Canada Summer Games and 1st at Quebec Champs 2 years in a row. The hull has been meticulously maintained, re-sealed every year, and always stored indoors or in Miami during the winter.


1 Set of training grade sails (well used)
1 Set of racing grade sails
1 Set of foils with foil bag
1 Aluminum tiller extension for training
1 Carbon tiller extension for racing
Mast bag for traveling
Ovington top cover
SLO Marine envelope cover for trailering
Galvanized dolly
Dyform standing rigging
Ronstan turnbuckles
All sheets are spliced and race ready (new mainsheet - only used for 1 event)
Many custom systems already rigged on boat (low friction tape, double bauble pole, spin halyard take up, spliced vang measurement, 2 to 1 Jib system, one pull bridle, etc.)
More pictures available upon request


Contact Cameron at cameronbaird AT hotmail DOT ca

8/20/2018 FOR SALE: 29er (Toronto, CAN)

Ready for racing
Dry hull
Stored indoors
Lines on mast recently replaced
New spin pole and rudder
Foil bag
2 main sails (one racing one training) 2 jibs (one racing, one damaged that could be repaired) 3 spinnakers (one racing, one high level training, and one beginner training)
Custom boat cover
Flexible on delivery
Contact for pricing

Contact Ben at benpirie98@hotmail.ca