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Date Description
12/9/2019 FOR SALE: 2016 Ovington 29er #2598 (Vancouver, BC)

This boat has the new integrated fiberglass toe/grab rails as well as the double scupper transom. We purchased it in the spring of 2017. The boat was competitively raced for much of the 2017 and 2018 race season and used as a training boat this last season. The boat is in good shape, doesn’t leak but could use some new sails to be nationally competitive – hence the discounted price. Sails: 2x main sail (2017) 1x jib (2017) 1x spinnaker (2017) Plus gear – see photos
CAN$11,000 OBO

Contact Chris Thompson at (604) 764 5987 or repminfin@shaw.ca

10/18/2019 WANTED: 29er Charter Boat (Toronto, ON)

Looking for a racing condition 29er to charter for the 2020 season.

Contact Thea tacpink AT gmail DOT com

10/7/2019 FOR SALE: 2012 29er Megles #2189 (Montreal, Québec)

Race ready 29er boat
1 full set of race sails (main, jib and spinnaker)
1 full sets of practice sails (main, jib and spinnaker)
2 bowsprits
Full mast with new top section
Blue Wave turnbuckle shrouds
Top cover
Bottom cover
Stainless steel dolly
Aluminum foils
Hull in good condition

Contact William Lloyd at William.lloyd007@yahoo.ca

8/16/2019 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #441 (Ottawa, Ontario)

All foils, mast and spars in great shape
Dolly and boat cover
Main and jib are good for practice or recreational sailing
Two spinnakers: one is good for racing, one is good for practice

Contact Ted at tfmartin AT rogers DOT com or (613) 720-4662

7/4/2019 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #821 (San Francisco, CA Area)

1 Practice Jib, 1 Race Jib
1 Practice Main, 1 Race Main
1 Practice Spin (Red), 2 Race Spin (Neon Green, Light Blue)
*Race Main, jib, and neon green spin used in 3 regattas, Light blue used in 1
Turnbuckle Shrouds
Top and bottom boat covers

Trailer (Sold separately)
1-7/8" trailer hitch
Compartment for all gear/rigging
Straps and locks
Mast cradle

Contact Connell Phillipps at (415) 755-7046 or cmphillipps73 AT gmail DOT com