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Date Description
4/24/2017 WANTED: Set of 29er training sails

Contact Larry at (307) 690-6696 or lthal AT mac.com
4/7/2017 FOR SALE: 2002 Bethwaite 29er #759 (Los Angeles, CA)

Built in Australia by Bethwaite
Completely Ready to Race
Stiff, dry, and fast
2 sets of sails
1 Practice Main, Jib, and Kite
1 Race Main, Jib, and Kite
Professionally aligned foils, super tight fit
Rudder and Centerboard with Melges Foil bag
Mast with spliced halyards and a nice cover
Great running rigging, brand new mainsheet
New spin halyard 2016
Custom dolly with a caster wheel up front, it is super easy to move around
Top cover that is well used but still works

The boat is ready to go for the Worlds in Long Beach in 2017
Currently, the boat is located in San Pedro. Come take a look!

Contact: Kyle Collins sailorkyle23 AT gmail DOT com or (310) 507-4138

3/27/2017 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #1262 (Buffalo, NY)

The boat has rarely been used over lifetime
The hull is immaculate condition
Boat was rigged but not sailed the past two seasons. Indoor winter storage in dry temperature controlled building.

Included: Mast, boom, spinnaker pole, rudder, dagger board, all lines and rigging, Seitech Dolly, top cover, foil bag, main & jib bag, spinnaker bag, Zhik T1 Harness, Dakine footstraps, Loos & Co Tension Gauge, 1 set of lightly used sails.

Asking USD $6,800

Contact: Whit at wwmitt17 AT gmail DOT com or (716) 839-2286

3/24/2017 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #1265 (St. Petersburg, Florida)

Clean, updated, race ready condition.
Fully race rigged
New Vang, Cunningham, Spin Halyard, Trap Bungee, Foot Straps
Practice Sails
Spare upper and Middle Mast sections
Top Cover
Spin bag
BlueWave turnbuckle shrouds and spare set factory Shrouds
Located St. Petersburg FL

Contact: Ted at (727) 202-7743 or lh4414 AT gmail Dot com

2/13/2017 FOR SALE: 2002 Bethwaite 29er #759 (Los Angeles, CA)

Built in Australia by Bethwaite
Completely Ready to Race
Stiff, dry, and fast
2 sets of sails
1 Practice Main, Jib, and Kite
1 Race Main, Jib, and Kite
Professionally aligned foils, super tight fit
Rudder and Centerboard with Melges Foil bag
Mast with spliced halyards and a nice cover
Great running rigging, brand new mainsheet
New spin halyard 2016
Custom dolly with a caster wheel up front, it is super easy to move around
Top cover that is well used but still works

The boat is ready to go for the Worlds in Long Beach in 2017
Currently, the boat is located at California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, CA.
It can be delivered anywhere in between Marina Del Rey and Long Beach for free.

Come take a look!

Contact: Kyle Collins sailorkyle23 AT gmail DOT com or (310) 507-4138

2/10/2017 SOLD: Melges 29er #1995 (Newport Beach, California)

1 mast and boom
3 mains (1 used for 2014 worlds, 1 race, 1 practice)
3 jibs (1 in practice, 1 practice/race, 1 race used for worlds and a couple other reggatas)
2 spinnakers (white and blue)
1 rudder and centerboard (old style)
3 pairs of shrouds (old style)
Custom anodized blue center bars
Full body cover and mast cover
Sovereign Dolly
Can be delivered to Long Beach for 2017 29er Worlds

3/10/2016 FOR SALE: Megles 29er #2186 (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Dyform shrouds with turnbuckles (new Aug 2016)
Faired bottom
Top cover
Full boat envelope cover for trailering
Mast cover
Blade bag
One set of 2015 regatta sails

Contact Mike Toppa at mike.toppa@northsails.com or (954) 560-6665

12/27/2016 FOR SALE: PS2000 29er #997 (Santa Barbara, CA)

Race ready condition
No leaks
2 Sails - 1 practice, 1 race.
2 Jibs - 1 practice, 1 race.
3 Spinnakers -2 practice, 1 race.
Upgraded Dinghy-star lines.
New grip, mast step, spin bag.
Seitech Dolly.
New custom hand-crafted trailer
All blades and sails have their own separate bags and all fit nicely within the trailer along with the dolly (disassembled) while leaving ample space for other gear.

Contact Zachary at (805)-895-5351 or zzackk125 AT gmail DOT com

11/15/2016 FOR SALE: 2004 Bethwaite 29er # 928 (Located in San Francisco, CA area)

Built in 2004, purchased in 2009
Zero leakage problems
Not much sail time,- in mint racing condition.
Boat placed 9th at the Open 29er World Championship in Kingston, Canada and won the Skiff Fest Hamlin regatta in Santa Barbara.

Things that come with the boat:
3 practice kites, 1 racing kite
2 masts
2 centerboards
1 rudder
1 boom
1 practice jib and main
1 racing jib and main
2 spinakker poles
2 dollies
Top cover and full body sleeve cover
Boat is in top condition with no leakage and fully rigged
Full set of spares for most parts

Price of boat with parts: US$7000.

Attached are some photos of the boat and the box trailer it stays in. We are willing to sell the box trailer with the 29er. We have completely decked the box trailer out so that the boat fits in the trailer by simple rolling the dolly into the trailer and nicely tying down. We have found this trailer very useful both for healthy storage of the boat, and also easy commuting to different regattas.

We bought the box trailer, a 7’ X 16’ Interstate # 27263, on March 14, 2009 for $5,919.81. Asking trailer price = $3,250.

Boat and Trailer = $10,250

Contact Romain at romain AT screve DOT com

11/11/2016 FOR SALE: 29er #994 (San Diego, CA)

Complete Boat
Professional Grade Rigging
Turnbuckle Shrouds
Adjustable Forestay
2 Sets of foils
1 Set of sails (additional set negotiable)
Top Cover
Hydroturf Grip Tape
New Spinnaker Sock
1st Hamlin #1 - 2015
10th 29er Midwinters West - 2016 3rd Skiff Fest - 2016
5th Overall Hamlin Series - 2015-16 9th US Youth Champs - 2016

Contact Murray at wmjoslin AT gmail DOT com or (949) 212-1965

10/19/2016 FOR SALE: 29er # 512 (San Diego, CA)

This is a race ready 29er in good condition. 10th at US Nats 2015.

2 sets of sails; one practice and one decent race quality
New rigging; dyform with adjustable turnbuckles
Upgraded line set
2 sets of blades; one almost new (3 regattas) and one older
Dolly with Sturgis rigid rear bunk
Sumbrella style cover for mast up
New Hydro Turf non-skid padding on rails
New kite bag
Deck stiffener allowed by rules has already been added

Located in San Diego CA
Contact Gene at (858) 449-nine one five nine if interested.

9/30/2016 SOLD: 2001 29er #497 (Santa Barbara, CA)

1 set of sails used in 2002 Worlds - finished in top 5
Sails have been used only a couple times since
Boat hasn’t sailed in about 10 years
Hull is in great shape - dry and stiff
Foils are in great shape
Mast needs upper track replaced
Galvanized Trailer and dolly included
Mast up cover is old, bottom cover is fresh
Boat is complete with some spare parts
We bought the boat about a year ago and my son never sailed it

US$4250 OBO

9/9/2016 FOR SALE: 29er #1123 (Vancouver, BC)

Well cared for boat that's kept indoors during the winter.

Raced at the 2014 29er North Americans and World Championships in Kingston, and the 2015 U.S. Championships in San Francisco.

Full set of new race sails in great condition
Full set of training sails
Full set of foils
Heavy duty custom aluminum dolly
Top cover for boat
New Zhik hiking straps
New Bethwaite spinnaker sock
New grip tape
Spinnaker pole in good condition

Price: CAN$6000 or US$4600

Contact Kirk at kirkyuen AT gmail DOT com

9/5/2016 WANTED: 29er Parts

Primarily looking for a rudder stock, tiller, and rudder foil but also interested in rigging and sails.

Contact: Braden at (204) 232-1831 or bradenpierce AT gmail DOT com

7/20/2016 SOLD: 2007 PS2000 29er 1438 (Newport Beach, CA)

Race ready 29er in great condition
2 sets of sails, including an almost new spinnaker
Professionally rigged in 2014
Sound hull, foils, tiller, etc. all in great shape
Dolly, top and bottom covers, mast cover
Located in Newport Beach, CA

7/9/2016 FOR SALE: 2005 PS2000 29er #1080 (Long Beach, CA)

2 sets of sails (one set used only once in light air regatta)
Top cover and Dolly included
Board bag, 2 aluminum foils, new lines, blocks
Boat is located at ABYC in Long Beach, CA

Contact Eric at graveline.eric AT gmail DOT com or cell: 646-789-3242

5/1/2016 FOR SALE: 29er #245 (Toronto, Ontario)

Well maintained 29er hull #245 but maintained like new recently completely redone. Professionally refurbished, fast boat.


29er Rig
- 2 Spinnaker Poles
- 1 Set of 29er Sails
- Extra Mast Top Section
- Rudder + Daggerboard Bag and Blades

29er XX Rig (INCLUDED IN PRICE) - can be purchased seperately.
- 1 set of 29er XX sails
- 1 29er XX Spinnaker Pole
- 1 29er XX Boom
- 1 29er XX rudder Gantry
- 2 29er XX Wing extentions
- 1 Double Tiller Set

Hull Includes
- Brand New Grip Tape
- Brand new Bethwaite Bag
- Brand New Zhik Hiking Straps
- 2 Brand New Hull Covers
- Seitech Dolly
- Zhik Trapeze Harness


Please contact Ryan with serious offers only macdonald.ryan AT live DOT ca

4/24/2016 FOR SALE: 29er #573 (Cape Cod, MA)

Race ready
Boat is stiff
Stored indoors.
New rigging 2015
Gray hull
Lots of spare parts including practice hull! (#73)
3 sets of sails - one set in great shape - the other two are excellent for practice.
2 sets of blades.
1 mast
2 booms
Price $4500
Location: Cape Cod, MA

Contact: Rob at rob.pemberton AT wianno DOT com

1/7/2015 FOR SALE: 2012 Megles 29er #2155 (Barrie, ON)

2013 Canada Summer Games winner
Complete boat - newer hull, foils and rigging (older boom and spar with new top section)
2 complete sets of sails (main, jib, spin): 1 practice set (good) and 1 race set (excellent - 3 regattas) – extra main (good), 4 extra spin (good to poor)
Extra spin sock
Extra spinnaker pole
Bottom cover
Excellent adjustable Gill trapeze harness
APS Seitech dolly
Ready to race and campaign

Asking CAN$9000

Will deliver to anywhere in North America for additional cost.


Jean Matthieu (Jmatt) Bolland at jmatt AT bolland DOT ca and (705) 241-3321


Tom Bolland at tom AT bolland DOT ca

1/1/2016 FOR SALE: Zodiac RIB with Custom RIB & 29er Combination Trailer

Zodiac RIB
25hp Yamaha with Electric start - runs great.
Zodiac series YL340 electric bulge pump that sense water levels for worry free overnight in water storage
New battery installed 2014
Fuel, Speed and RPM gauges - all in working order
Custom trailer built in 2012.  Stores Zodiac and has a rack for stacking a 29er sailboat.  In excellent condition.
Makes for the perfect rig for private coaching or spectating 29er races.

Located in San Diego, CA

Contact Mark Baker @ Capri903 AT gmail DOT com

10/27/2015 FOR SALE: 2007 PS2000 29er (Stamford, CT)

Lightly used over the last few years - in great condition for its age
Top cover
Main, jib and spinnaker sails are old but serviceable.
Asking US$4000

Contact Kerry at kleclue AT gmail DOT com

10/26/2015 FOR SALE:  2011 Riotecna 29er #1813 (Vancouver, BC)


Riotecna is the  Argentinian 29er builder

Very light use
Silver Fleet at World’s in 2014
2 sets of almost new sails with sail bags
Asking CAN$7900

Contact Vlad at vladestoup AT gmail DOT com

10/8/2015 FOR SALE: 29er Suit of Sails

Main, jib, spinnaker
Includes main and spinnaker sail bags
Originally purchased in 2012
Very light use - Open Orange Bowl regatta (light air that year) and one practice day (5 days in total)
Stored in a cool and dry room for two years
Can ship anywhere in the US or Canada
US$1500 - price negotiable

Contact Elliott at ebottom AT tulane DOT edu

9/23/2015 WANTED: 29er in San Francisco Area

Looking for a 29er in good condition with with lightly/new sails

Willing to pay US$4000

Must be near San Francisco/Bay Area in California

Contact Jack at joyopoo AT gmail DOT com

9/23/2015 FOR SALE: 2004 PS2000 29er #659 (Kingston, ON)

Upgrading to a newer boat - need to sell.
Race ready with upgraded line and customized rigging and splices
Boat has been completely refurbished
This is a
well maintained and cared for 29er - kept inside during winter
Dry and stiff hull
2 Spinnaker Poles - 1 training, 1 race
1 full set of training 29er Sails
1 full set of new race sails
Brand new grip tape on hull
Brand new Bethwaite spin sock
Brand New Niel Pryde hiking straps
1 new top cover
Seitech brand dolly
Custom trailer great for travelling to regattas.

Contact: James at jamescolburn AT cogeco DOT ca

6/29/2015 FOR SALE: 2000 PS2000 29er #200 (Tampa, FL)

New mast and mast rigging in 2009
All running rigging/control lines regularly updated
Everything is spliced/tapered where possible
Good blocks all-around (regularly replaced, etc.)
Transom scuppers resealed in 2013
1 vintage (cloth) spinnaker sock
1 needs-some-repair modern style (mylar/cloth) spinnaker sock
1 like-new modern style spinnaker sock
Two sets of sails: A practice set from 2008 (main is in good condition, jib and spinnaker are OK) and a racing set from 2009/2014 (2009 main used only for racing that is in great condition, 2014 jib and spinnaker used for two regattas each)
Seitech dolly
road trailer
US$4000 or best offer

Also available (separately): A like-new Zhik medium size trap harness.  WIll consider trade for similar condition small Zhik trap harness.

Contact Daniel Goldman at +1 (941)-224-9617 or dg.danielgoldman AT gmail DOT com